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Anti-Virus Free anti-virus
Anti-Virus Very good anti-virus
ASP.NET Tech news, Web apps and Coding bits
ASP.NET Ajax Library
ASP.NET Resource: HTML, SQL, and all things internet
ASP.NET Official web site
ASP.NET Challenge Response graphic software; completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart
ASP.NET captcha ASP.NET 2.0 Server control
ASP.NET WPF Training Guide
ASP.NET PDFSharp - c# lib for creating pdf files
ASP.NET Mother Effin HTML5 -- MVC and HTML5
ASP.NET HTML5 Boilerplate site
ASP.NET Regular Expression Library
Books free programming books
Books free IT books pdf files
Computer Science Software Patterns
Computer Science Software Design Patterns (Gang Of Four) in C#
Computer Science Develpment articles resource
Computer Science Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institue
Computer Science DePaul University Dept. of Computer Science
Computer Science The Org. for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
Computer Science Programmers Corner for C++
Computer Science USC's Coding Standard
Computer Science Simple Coding Standard for C
Computer Science US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time:
C-Sharp Code Examples
C-Sharp .NET Code Examples
C-Sharp Code Examples
C-Sharp Code Examples
C-Sharp .NET key word information
C-Sharp Microsoft Download Center
C-Sharp Microsoft TechNet Resources for IT Professionals
C-Sharp code examples
C-Sharp MSDN on line
C-Sharp Codes Samples, Microsoft Technologies
C-Sharp Codes exmples for C-Sharp
C-Sharp C Sharp open source code
C-Sharp C# code source
C-Sharp Help site
C-Sharp Programmiang tutorial
C-Sharp Apps for phones in C#, compiler
Economics prices and future suggestions
General Interest Comics that are math based!
Hardware Toms Hardware - best hardware web site
Hardware Store
Hardware Price Bot for computer hardware
Home Theater PC TV for your pc
Home Theater PC Media Portal, open source media center
Home Theater PC HTPC Forums
Home Theater PC N Media PC, digital home solution
HTML http info
HTML HTML debugging tool for MVC4
HTML JavaScript user interface widgets for web apps
HTML CSS related tutorials + HTML
HTML CSS Selectors-responsive web design
Internet Find images, other sizes and other pixels
Java Script Java Script
Java Script can i use
Java Script Smashing Magazine
Java Script Backbone.js Applications
Java Script Angular.js--Google MVC App
Magazine Redmond Developer
Magazine E Week Magazine
Magazine Information Week Magazine
Magazine Computer World Magazine
Magazine Software Development Times Magazine
Magazine CIO Magazine
Magazine Developer Magazine
Magazine Dr. Dobb's Journal
Magazine The Economics of Digital Content
Magazine PC Magazine
Magazine CTRL News, your home town news page
Magazine CNet: News, Reviews, Downloads, Video
Magazine Hackers blog!
Magazine News about newest gadgets
Magazine Defense of Democracies
Magazine Technology News and Analysis
Magazine collection of stories
Magazine tech news
Marketing Internet marketing and other issues
Marketing Link Popularity Checker + Backlink Analysis Tool
Marketing Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO
Marketing Search Engine Consulting Firm
Marketing Chitika Insights
Marketing Andy is the online reputation management expert
Microsoft IE add on
Microsoft Microsoft Store
Microsoft Microsoft at work
Microsoft Scott Guthries's Blog -- MS BigShot
Microsoft MSDN Silverlight web site
Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 - April 2011
Microsoft WPF Overview
Microsoft Official IIS site
Microsoft Power Shell Community
Microsoft Power Shell GUI
Microsoft SSIS components for sale!
Microsoft SSIS Blog
Network Hosting Review
Network 10 Best Web Hosting Services
Network Web Hosting
Network Web Hosting
Network Freeware reviewed and rated
Network CNet Internet Speed Test
Network ip address and ip tools, who is, tracing
Network dynamic DNS
Network Comcast Speed Test
Network Very Large Web Hosting Company
Network Web Hosting
Network Network sniffer--freeware
Network VPN Proxy, tiny URL, web hosting unix
Network FTP/FTPS free client
Network Web Proxy: Hide my IP
Network Web Proxy: Free web proxy
Network Who Is lookup and other things
Network Free Network Management Software
Network See SOAP on pocket pc
Network list of proxy servers private vpn, hide from the NSA
Parental Control block web sites
Parental Control PC Parental Control Software
Parental Control logon to Web Watcher account
Parental Control Cell Phone Spyware via bluetooth
Parental Control Cell Phone Spyware
Parental Control Cell Phone Spyware
Parental Control Cell Phone Spyware - Bluetooth Stealthware
Parental Control Google Parental Control
Parental Control PC Parental Control Software
Parental Control Cell Phone Spyware with database
Parental Control Social Media Monitoring Made Easy
Powershell Power shell scripts--home
Powershell New Delhi PowerShell User Group.
Powershell Microsfot Script Center
Powershell PowerShell resouce
Privacy Email the NSA cannot see
Privacy lavabit alternative
Privacy https--private web browsing out side NSA view
Privacy end to end chat encryption, both sides need to use it.
Privacy Private VPN, hide from the NSA
Privacy vpn that NSA cannot crack use https://
Questions lots of interview questions
Questions questions
Questions questions
Questions for college students
Questions more
Questions Knoll Programming-Interview Questions
Scouting Climbing guides, some free
Scouting Northern Tier Alumni Association
Security A Firefox extension that demonstrates HTTP session hijacking attacks
Security WinPcap-windows packet capture library
Security Https everywhere
Security Gerix WiFi Cracker
Security Aircrack-ng
Security Wifite-mass wep/wpa cracker for backtrack4
Security VyperVPN Personal VPN
Security HotSpotVPN - Because Security is Everything
Security LogMeIn Harachi
Security Tor - Anonymity Online
Security Security Software Download
Security WhiteHat Security--Website Risk Management Solutions
Security Security-Shell--Hacking and Security Tools
Security Top 100 Network Security Tools
Security Collection of small and useful freeware utilities
Security Mobilizing for global digital freedom
Security C# pgp lib
Security free FTP files and PGP files
Security Open Source SSH Solution (SFTP)
Security C Sharp open source code
Security TCP source code
Security Check if you email server is black listed.
Security Check if email server is black listed.
Security Krebs on Security OnSecurity
Service convert word to pdf file on line
Services url redirection -- short name
Services proxy service
Services internet disk space
Services Free Conference Calls
Services Free remote desktop access
Shoping Find lowest price on books
Shopping free ebooks
Shopping free books
Shopping books
Shopping deals
Shopping deals
Shopping deals
Shopping Find cheapest book prices, based on ISBN
Shopping books
Shopping books
Shopping Air Travel
Shopping Air Travel
Shopping Air Travel
Shopping Over 25000 hostels iin more than 180 countries
Shopping Covers many foreign carriers
Software N-Unit
Software N-Ant free .NET build tool
Software Subversion source control
Software Tortoise SVN, integrae Subversion
Software The Open Source Wiki and Web 2.0 Application Platform
Software Media Wiki Open Source
Software Open Source Wiki
Software Wiki Engines inlcude C#
Software Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. Consulting
Software List of free and open source software packages
Software PDF Converter on line and exe
Software Soap UI
Software SkySoftware (Russian): capture free to air (FTA) satellite data
Software Find software
Software Compression Software: Find, download & compress!
Software CD/DVD open/create/edit/extract image files
Software MajicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM (MajicDisk)
Software SQL-Server express download
Software Version Control
Software Free download software libraries
Software Snipping tool for XP
Software Firefox Web Browser
Software Debug web pages in Firefox
Software XML Notepad: For browsing and editing XML documents.
Software On line storage
Software pdf reader
Software .NET Zip source and dlls
Software .NET Zip Library
Software Xml Spy to check xml
Software ftp, sftp, ftps GUI
Software Change file properties fpc.exe
Software Conversion wma-to-mp3 video and others
Software By Microsoft-See software running on Win 7
Software PictureIt Replacement
Software comparison software
Software multi doc; column counter; line counter
Software zip.exe for programming
Software notepad++
Software Free pdf chm reader, plust others
Software PDF files: Create, Edit & Sign Documents for Free
Source Control Source Control--Kiln DVCS
SQL-Server SQL Server Questions
SQL-Server Connection Strings
SQL-Server DDL Generator
SQL-Server David Pinal on SQL-Server Rating 5
SQL-Server SQL-Server Magazine
SQL-Server SQL-Server Query Optimization
SQL-Server devoted to SQL-Server Performance
SQL-Server SQL-Server Tips and Tricks
SQL-Server Open Source ETL Solution
SQL-Server Agile Data Home Page
SQL-Server SQL Tutorial - Very Good
SQL-Server Journal for database professionals
SQL-Server Jerry Murillo - from BrightStar
SQL-Server SQL Server Videos
SQL-Server SQL Rescource site
SQL-Server Diagraming tool -- https
Testing Test Driven: quality out of chaos
Testing 15 Seconds, pioneering active server
Testing Test dictionary
Testing IBM Functional testing page
Testing Bug Fix Rate
Testing Software QA and Testing Resource Center
Training Sample cetification tests, expensive but good (#1)
Training Sample tests but looks to be expensive, quality unkown
Training The knowledge freeway -- on line and FREE!
Training more sample tests but stuff is VERY old
Training hardware hacks
Travel lat long converter: Decimal To and From
TV tv programs
VOIP save on telephone
VOIP save on phone
VOIP compare voip plans
VOIP Scype copy cat
WebSockets Bastmur
WebSockets Poke In
WebSockets Super Web Sockets
WebSockets Signalr
WebSockets MSDN Blog
WebSockets Kaazing Web Sockets
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